Dean Dorton teamed up with the Kentucky Association of Manufacturers to bring you the latest in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) and its direct impacts on Kentucky manufacturers.

During this webinar, you’ll gain an understanding the current laws and relief acts that have been passed and exactly what that means for you and your operations during this time. In our webinar, you’ll discover how to save cash with:

  • Refundable payroll tax credits
  • Employee retention tax credits
  • Deferred payment of employer payroll taxes
  • Payroll protection loans
  • Other cash flow loans

Who should view this webinar?

  • C-suite executives
  • Controllers and accountants
  • Human resource managers
  • Anyone who plays a vital role in employment and benefits

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The matters discussed in these materials provide general information only. You should consult with an advisor about your specific situation before undertaking any action because each organization’s situation is unique. Also, be especially aware that in this case, that is, with options available under the FFCRA and CARES Act, choosing a particular option could preclude you from other options. Furthermore, it is likely that additional guidance on the FFCRA and CARES Act will be issued by the appropriate governmental agencies, which could impact the information discussed in these materials. This information may not be construed as either accounting or legal advice.