Service Group: Accounting & Financial Outsourcing and Tax

Years with Dean Dorton: 9

Years in Accounting Industry: 22

Favorite thing about Dean Dorton: My favorite things are the people (both clients and staff) and the relationships I have made over the course of my time here.

Biggest firm accomplishment: I am proud to be involved with the firm’s Accounting & Financial Outsourcing (AFO) team, and to help develop some of the procedures that will produce long-term success for our clients. It has been a true team effort to get AFO to this point and it is exciting to watch the team continue to grow.

Hobbies: Fishing, hunting, and snow skiing

Interesting fact: For the past 10 years, my father, two brothers, and I have gone to one college football game per year. We created a bucket list of games, either by rivalry game or by venue and each year we travel to these games and spend the entire weekend in “college football mode.” Some of the games we have watched are SEC and Big 10 championship games, Michigan/Ohio State when they were first and second in the rankings, Oklahoma/Texas, Florida/Georgia, Alabama/Auburn, LSU/Alabama, and then some more. It has been a neat experience and we have many great memories.

Mike, his brothers, and his father at the UK/LSU game

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