Leigh McKee, CPA

Service Areas: Wealth and Estate, International, Tax Exempts

Years with Dean Dorton: 21

Years in Accounting Industry: 21

Favorite thing about Dean Dorton: In my interview with the firm 21 years ago, Richard Dorton asked me if I was a nice person. I told him that I thought I was. He replied, “Good, mean people don’t tend to last very long here.” It set the stage for many enjoyable years working with an outstanding group of terrific and very talented people.

Biggest firm accomplishment: Teaching myself complicated areas of tax law and developing younger team members to become leaders in those areas.

Hobbies: Over the years I’ve done them all, but I tend to turn hobbies into work and burn out on them. I’m currently limiting myself to spoiling my cat.

Interesting fact: I scored second highest in the country on the CPA exam — I totally over-studied!

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