Kevin Cornwell spotlightFocus Area: Technology Consulting / IT Audit and Compliance

Years with Dean Dorton: 21

Years in the Accounting Industry: 27

Favorite thing about Dean Dorton: Dean Dorton has provided me with more opportunities than I could have possibly expected. I have done financial auditing, IT managed services, network infrastructure, accounting software, a wide variety of technology consulting, and IT audit and compliance.

Biggest firm accomplishment: Having been with the firm as long as I have, I particularly enjoy the long-term relationships that I have developed with clients. It’s the type of accomplishment that keeps getting better year after year.

Hobbies: I enjoy playing card and board games with family and friends. Home and outdoor projects must also be hobbies. There never seems to be an end and I keep doing them; so, by definition, they count.

Interesting fact: While traveling in India, I petted and handled a king cobra. The very trustworthy-looking snake charmer said the venom had been removed.