Service Area: Internal AuditDanielle Adair

Years with Dean Dorton: 8

Years in Accounting Industry: 27 years in public accounting, with the last 14 years having a significant focus on internal controls and internal auditing

Favorite thing about Dean Dorton: The combination of Dean Dorton Ford in Lexington and Cotton + Allen in Louisville. This was a huge opportunity for two firms that were both very successful on their own; however, we all knew that we could be more successful and create more opportunities for our people if we combined. I truly believe we are now the best firm in Kentucky and I am glad that I get to work with so many good, talented, and dedicated people.

Biggest firm accomplishment: Starting and growing the best internal audit team in Kentucky and serving on the firm’s Board of Directors.

Hobbies: Coaching baseball and football, and attending sporting events (Go Cards! Rocks! Knights! Cubs! Hawks! Da Bears!)

Interesting fact: While working at Dean Dorton, I and/or the audit team have gotten to travel to numerous interesting places for client work, including Japan, Brazil, San Francisco, New Orleans, Dallas, Colorado, Las Vegas, Buffalo, and Chicago.

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