David Richard, CPA

Industry Team: I lead our nonprofit and government industry team, and am also a member of the firm’s equine, healthcare, and college/university industry teams.

Years with Dean Dorton: 17 years

Years in the Nonprofit Industry: 29 years
Years in the  Healthcare Industry: 29 years
Years in the Equine Industry: 17 years
Years in the College/University Industry: 16 years

Favorite memory about Dean Dorton: Driving the state back in 1999 with David Bundy calling on every healthcare lead that I had. We had more success than I expected.

Biggest firm accomplishment: When we were named as the auditors for a large medical center in eastern Kentucky, I realized that we could really grow the firm’s healthcare and audit practices.

Hobbies: Golf and being involved with my sons’ soccer practices, games, and tournaments

Interesting fact: I was born on an army base in Alabama, which makes it easy to cheer for them during football season.

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