Industry Team: Colleges & Universities

Years with Dean Dorton: 21

Years in the Higher Education Industry: 15

Favorite memory about Dean Dorton: The opportunity to work directly with the firm founders and other owners during my first five years. These colleagues have taught me so much more than public accounting.

Biggest firm accomplishment: Building lasting relationships with clients. I have worked with some clients throughout my entire career; to build a professional relationship that lasts your entire career is a significant accomplishment.

Hobbies: Being a mother to Clay and Maggie, and a wife to Fred. Also running.

Interesting fact: In a world where things are constantly changing, I have only had one professional job. I started at Dean Dorton right out of college.

Higher education training day panel

Crissy Fiscus moderated a panel of higher education professionals at the 2016 Higher Education Training Day.

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