The power of automating your technologies

As your organization’s digital footprint grows, your IT staff are faced with the need to manage more with less.

Automation technologies can act as a force multiplier—freeing up key staff to work on the big picture and minimizing human error at the same time. New application programming interfaces (APIs) are being added to enterprise applications and enterprise network equipment every day. Dean Dorton Technology is here to help you link everything together with automation throughout the enterprise.

Cisco enterprise solutions—such as SD-WAN, Meraki, Data Center, and corporate network—all have built-in APIs that can be used to automate the network. The possibilities are endless. Our team has developed solutions that can make complex changes on the enterprise network, all at the touch of a web interface button. Enterprise network automation can also be used to ensure that configuration templates are applied and maintained to all network equipment—keeping configurations “in line” with the standard, and making it easy to deploy new configuration to many devices in a matter of seconds.

Collaboration platforms—like Webex Teams, Microsoft Teams, and Slack—offer the ability to build “bots” to help teams stay up to date with the large amount of data flowing into their cloud applications. Our team can help integrate applications—from enterprise network automation, to financial management—into a bot workflow that can be easily accessed without ever leaving the corporate chat room.

Check out our COVID-19 Health Check automation solution

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