Hosted Desktop

Your desktop, brought to you by the Cloud.

Centralizing your business’ data and your staff’s digital environment in the cloud allows your team members to access the data they need from all types of devices through simply using a web browser, minimizing the cost of on-site technology personnel and increasing uninterrupted deliver, without the hassle of infrastructure capital or worry about security. Hosted desktop services simply bring all of your essential programs into the Cloud environment and deliver them to your employee’s desktops. Your team members will have access to their work data from any place, so whether they need to pull something up in a conference room or at home, they can access company-run applications from anywhere.

Dean Dorton’s Technology Consulting group can completely manage every aspect of your company’s technology infrastructure including hosted desktop services to ensure fast, secure, and supported services without the expense of keeping non-critical files on expensive devices. Through virtualizing your business through hosted desktop services, you can focus on running your business and spend less of your time and money on IT including hardware, workstation, and physical support.

Hosted Desktop Benefits

  • Quick and convenient access to your data

  • No upgrade cycles

  • Secure and stable with reliable connection

  • Predictable fees

  • Mobile-friendly