Your Strategy is Set, But What’s Holding You Back?

It used to be that simply automating your financial process was enough, but today’s demands to grow and sustain your company require much more. In order to grow your business, you need a more flexible system that can automate processes for a business that is more complex and needs to be more dynamic. Not only that, you need the visibility into all of that complexity so you can continue to determine the best ways to sustain that growth. You can’t afford to wait on knowing how the KPIs for your business are faring — stale data doesn’t help your team make timely financial decisions.

You need confidence that those numbers are accurate. You need to understand not just how your business is performing, but why it’s performing the way it is, and you need to accomplish all of this without adding headcount.

The Solution?

Fraud Red Flag ReportingSage Intacct is a best-in-class financial cloud-based ERP solution that combines integration, automation, and visibility to empower organizations to use the best solutions for each area of their business. Sage Intacct provides easy connections with your systems of choice, accurate financial core and foundational GL, and real-time dashboards from systems of record. This is all from a mobile platform, providing savings in technology software investments and the freedom to work from anywhere. Sage Intacct’s multidimensional architecture gives you the richest financial and management reporting capabilities.

Intacct’s Impact on Your Day-to-Day Can Be Transformative

We automate all of your key financial processes, integrating seamlessly across business systems. Through deep automation comes better oversight and controls, easier compliance, and a reduced risk of errors. By capturing all of your transaction details through an automated process, you set yourself up to deliver audit quality reporting and timely business intelligence to those who rely on it. Most importantly, you get all of this depth and flexibility with a system that was built for finance to configure and maintain. Unlike other systems, Intacct delivers the power of automation without forcing you to rely on IT scripting to tailor the system to your unique needs and without requiring continuous investment in software upgrades.

Sage Intacct’s dashboards are a great starting point to monitor your KPIs and dig into the details through drillable elements. And because they are simple to create, every stakeholder from investors to auditors and executives to staff accountants can have easy access to the most relevant information.

Sage Intacct Benefits

  • Cloud-based ERP

  • Scalable – from small nonprofit organizations to multi-entity architecture with thousands of users

  • No time or investment spent on accounting software upgrades

  • Improved accounting controls and detailed reporting

  • Completely mobile-friendly; access your real-time financials anytime, anywhere

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