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Sage Intacct:

The Best Cloud Accounting Software for Services Businesses

Dean Dorton + Sage Intacct: Bringing the Cloud to Professional Services Firms

In the professional service industry, business leaders need a cloud-based accounting solution that creates and ensures profitable operations and improved customer satisfaction. Whether it’s IT services, engineering, employer organizations, consulting, marketing agencies, staffing/recruiting, or other specialized disciplines, Sage Intacct has the accounting software that streamlines accounting operations and provides unprecedented financial visibility to enable your business to scale new heights.

Equip Your Team with Painless Project Accounting

Forget the pain of manual processes and patching together countless Excel spreadsheets or QuickBooks instances. Sage Intacct automates project accounting, so your data flows seamlessly across your business in unified workflows that you can easily customize to your unique needs to manage projects and profitability.

  • Track project costs, time and expenses
  • View insights from individual projects through real-time, customizable dashboards
  • Integrate with your CRM system so you can see what’s coming in the pipeline
  • Plan your projects adequately so you can keep stakeholders, customers, and vendors happy
  • Streamline invoicing and revenue recognition
  • Expedite time-and-expense processes

“Sage Intacct’s reports and dashboards let us drill into revenue and expenses for any project in real-time, and ensure huge time savings to our finance team. With this flexible way of looking at the data, we’re able to give senior management timely access to valuable business performance insight, rather than delivering outdated reports months later."

Debora Hester
Business Manager, GeoTechnologies, Inc.

Quickly manage multiple entities and global consolidations

In a few clicks, create powerful consolidations to easily manage separate financials for multiple locations and multiple business entities across industries, service lines, regions, and countries. Sage Intacct automates currency conversions, inter-entity transactions, local tax reporting, and more. No more manual effort, countless spreadsheets, and multiple QuickBooks instances. Close your books faster and bring on the growth.

Have Full View into Your Business Operations

Sage Intacct’s visual dashboards and flexible reporting give you unprecedented visibility – from any perspective, top to bottom. Achieve complete P&L clarity by:

  • Business/service
  • Project
  • Manager
  • Region
  • Customer type
  • Other dimensions and metrics

Best of all, you see it all in real time – so you know what to improve or where to invest.

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