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The New Age of Financial Management for Horse Farms and Equine Operations

A digital revolution on the farm

The cloud has unlocked better financial management options for every kind of business. Sage Intacct is especially suited to farms, offering specific insights to monitor performance of equine operations across multiple locations. In addition, cloud-connected systems — from expense management to payables — simplify business processes so employees can focus on more productive work. Sage Intacct is changing the game for horse farms and equine operations— giving farm managers real-time dashboards, tracking key metrics for each horse at every stage, and providing owners with meaningful data.

If you’d like to see some real life examples of Sage Intact at work, you can always check out the following case studies: 

  • StoneStreet Farms was able to automate processes and reduce their month-end close timeline by half with the help of Sage’s reporting and invoice processing.
  • Spendthrift Farm was able to increase relevance for their general ledger with Sage Intacct’s multi-dimensional approach to reporting, aggregation, and operations.

Operations connected through the cloud

In the digital age, working across farms, from home, and on the road should be simple and seamless. With Sage Intacct and cloud-based solutions, employees can access their information no matter where they work. Automated backup and disaster recovery mean your farm will have less downtime and disruption.

  • Connected systems
  • Simplify processes
  • Reduce IT hassles

“We have several hundred horses and four different companies, and we needed to be able to look at things from a top level, but also all the way down into the detail."

Dara Purcell
Director of Finance

Full lifecycle horse reporting

The ability to track costs and profitability for each and every horse throughout their lifetime is essential for effective financial management of horse farms. Sage Intacct’s revolutionary general ledger design moves away from outdated account segments to dimension values, allowing simplified, accurate tracking of performance across business drivers, from individual horses to farms, funds, or any other entity.

  • From racing to reproduction
  • Simplify ownership billing
    and reporting
  • Real-time data supports sales decisions

Proactive financial management

When farm managers have to wait a month or more to find out how they are tracking to budgets, they can’t make proactive decisions. Sage Intacct delivers current information through dashboards and reports so managers can actively manage expenses to stay within their budget.

  • Focused information for better decisions
  • Role-relevant dashboards
  • Accounting can unlock potential

Decision-driving information on demand

Every horse farm operates differently, with a unique combination of training, racing, breeding, and other business activities. To monitor financial and operational performance across departments, owners and managers need KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) designed to fit.

  • Dashboard analytics
  • Real time reporting
  • Trusted and secure source
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