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Accounts Receivable Software

Creative Dining Services improved accounts receivable collections by 12% increasing cash flow $760,000 by automating invoicing and collection processes.

More Efficiency Leads to Getting Paid Faster

Sage Intacct’s accounts receivable management software allows your finance team to be more efficient, so you can get paid faster. With cloud-based accounts receivable management capabilities, you can automate your processes, email your invoices, and offer more payment options. Your team can generate recurring invoices for easy subscription management, attach customer documents to transactions for better recordkeeping, and more.

Integrations That Allow You to Stay in Control

With an open API, Sage Intacct's accounts receivable software has the ability to integrate with the rest of your business systems –including your CRM solution–to give you a single view of quotes, sales orders, and invoices. You can automatically post order transactions to your general ledger and AR ledger to streamline billing and accounting, while also receiving up-to-date, accurate sales tax calculations. Tight Salesforce CRM integration helps Cornerstone save at least 4 days of work per month.

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Get Granular with Your Business Operations

Get real-time visibility with Sage Intacct’s built-in and fully customizable dashboards, reports, graphs, and charts. With up-to-the-minute financial data, you can paint a full picture of customer aging, invoice analyses, recurring invoices, deferred revenue, and more. With Sage Intacct, you can analyze AR data from a range of perspectives for a complete view of your business and create multi-dimensional reports.

You Stay in Control

Sage Intacct’s accounts receivable solutions let you create automated, configurable processes to enhance internal controls. You define the approvals to align with the way you operate, so you have full visibility into the entire AR process. HomeVestors saves 30 hours per week managing accounts receivables, shortens DSO by 2 days, and frees up $120,000 in cash with Sage Intacct.


Internal Control

  • Point-and-click controls: Easily and quickly create definitions of your workflows, approvals, and internal control processes to conform to your business.
  • Predefined defaults: Pay the correct amounts to the right vendors and take advantage of discounts.
  • Seamless integration with Sage Intacct Cash Management, Inventory, and Purchasing: Minimize data reentry and get broader insight across all financial functions.
  • Real-time access to AP transactions and data: Review and react to your current situation on the fly; no more waiting for batches to post.
  • Reports on vendors, aging, or payments: Quickly and easily slice and dice your data to get any view you need.

Automation and Productivity

  • Automated workflows and processes: Speed up your AP cycle and enhance accuracy.
  • Approval alerts and messages: Enable greater responsiveness among team members.
  • Automated data entry: Save time, money, and resources while increasing accuracy with defaults for terms, discounts, GL accounts, payment priority, and payment dates.
  • 1099 automation and support: Efficiently manage year-end with 1099 coding at the transaction level, multiple entity consolidation of 1099s, and IRS file generation.
  • Automatic expense allocation with predefined tables: Operate with greater precision by allocating expenses across multiple entities, departments, and locations.
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“Because of the great integration with Salesforce, our new sales flow into Sage Intacct seamlessly. Sage Intacct creates the initial invoice, which we can easily turn into a recurring invoice for perpetuity. Our teams can access customer information or accounts receivable details in either system from anywhere. ”

David Novak
Controller, Cornerstone Information Systems


  • Achieve healthier cash flows by shortening invoice/ payment cycles
  • Make collections painless with automated dunning and collection notices
  • Gain real-time visibility into customer histories, aging balances, and more with configurable dashboards and reports
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