“Imagine this… A day at the office where you and your finance team don’t have to scurry around, trying to import and export critical data between multiple systems.

What about this? You aren’t stuck behind your computer for countless hours, re-keying the same data over and over again in different systems.

If your business uses ConnectWise as your main CRM, you can now seamlessly integrate all that data with your accounting system- either MS Dynamics GP, 365 or Sage Intacct. Massey’s mConnect integrator tool makes this possible.

With mConnect, you have real-time integration between your operations system, ConnectWise, and your ERP. The solution empowers your accounting system and ConnectWise to work together by identifying and sharing customer-focused information, making it all customizable for your needs. All data is visible where you need it and when you need it.

mConnect helps businesses:

  • Keep invoices up-to-date by automating the collections process
  • Customize their needs and integrate only the records THEY want
  • Automatically synchronize customers, vendors, and products inside accounting
  • Import sales invoices, procurements, and expense reports.

“Without mConnect, system users would have to manually import and export data from each system in order to synchronize and share information between the accounting, sales, invoicing, order processing, receivables and inventory functions,” said Philip Massey, CPA and President of Massey Consulting.

Find out more about your specific ERP solution below!

Learn how Clearpointe, a managed service provider in Michigan, worked with Massey Consulting to not only replace their on-premise accounting solution with cloud-based ERP, Sage Intacct, but also to receive a seamless integration with the mission-critical mConnect.

Overall, mConnect simplifies and automates your financial tasks, making information readily available and decreasing the possibility for errors that occur as a result of manual re-keying of data.

As an award-winning accounting technology provider, Massey Consulting is well-versed both in the needs of our peers and on the best way to address them. We have been a sponsor at the IT Nation Conference (a well-known conference for ConnectWise users) and service ConnectWise as one of our customers.