Cloud Document Management and Business Process Automation

Even the most robust ERP systems don’t always include a sales tax compliance option. Sure, you upload rate tables, but how do you know they’re right?

There are nearly 1,000 tax changes in every quarter – are you sure you caught them all?

Would you be willing to bet your business on it?

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Accounts Payable

  • You will be able to capture key information from invoices and enter it into data fields automatically
  • You will be able to automate and easily audit approval processes through customizable workflows, emails, and a system-logged audit trail for every document
  • You will be able to leverage reporting and business intelligence tools to identify trends, bottlenecks, and areas that could improve

Contract Management

  • Store all contracts in one place and access them from anywhere
  • Track versions and revisions
  • Flexible workfow capabilities automatically route documents for review and approval based on pre-set rules

Document Management

  • Uplevl’s secure cloud platform keeps all documents safe with access anywhere
  • Have the ability to view documents in each stage of the process and be able to identify where bottlenecks are occurring and which processes can be approved
  • The OCR technology allows you to save time by automating data entry and use pre-set workflows