Clearpointe Chooses Sage Intacct and mConnect for their Solutions

Massey Consulting (now Dean Dorton) helps Clearpointe move to Sage Intacct

ClearPointe is a privately-owned company with headquarters based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Since 1998, Enterprise level companies throughout the world have engaged ClearPointe for managed network services. ClearPointe is an international center of excellence for practical deployment and management of advanced Microsoft technologies.

ClearPointe wanted greater reporting capabilities as well as the ability to access ERP data from anywhere and their existing on-premise ERP solution simply couldn’t deliver. ClearPointe searched for a cloud-based ERP solution that would meet their needs.

ClearPointe was able to find the perfect solution working with the experts from Massey Consulting. Sage Intacct was the cloud-based solution they selected which not only gave them greater reporting flexibility but provided integration with their mission-critical software utilizing Massey’s mConnect integration.


ClearPointe began feeling the constraints of their on-premise Microsoft Dynamics GP solution. Their end-of-month closing was taking additional time that they could not afford to lose. They were also consistently running into problems with their reports which also took away time better spent analyzing the data rather than correcting mistakes.

“Massey Consulting has been our VAR choice for years,” said Tom Major, ClearPointe’s CFO. “We choose to work with them to find a new cloud-based solution because of their educated consulting team as well as their mConnect integration with ConnectWise.”

Tom Major began working with Massey Consulting on what other ERP options were available. There was a need to replace Dynamics GP with a solution that would help their business grow as well as give back valuable time to their accounting team.


ClearPointe’s ideal situation was a cloud-based, dimension driven system that facilitates multi-entity, seamless reporting and makes record keeping for multiple entities easier.  Sage Intacct gave ClearPointe better reporting allowing their management team to focus on the bottom line and revenue.

“Sage Intacct has given us the ability to focus on our technology, making it work for us,” said Major. “The financial reporting and dashboards have been transformative for our business.”

By choosing Sage Intacct, ClearPointe was able to set up customized dashboards to focus on different financial needs. This allows their leadership team to easily see where their company stands and what is sparking their rapid growth.  ClearPointe also gained the advantage of automatic updates four times a year by choosing Sage Intacct. This keeps their ERP solution current with all technology updates and financial trends.


Since ClearPointe implemented Sage Intacct, they have experienced significantly increased sales and profits. They have been able to spend more time managing the business and its finances as opposed to fixing problems with their reporting and struggling through a prolonged end-of-month close.

Another benefit for ClearPointe was Massey Consulting’s mConnect. This solution enables real-time integration between their operating system, ConnectWise, and Sage Intacct.

“mConnect has provided the integration that ClearPointe needed in order to transfer information between ConnectWise and Sage Intacct,” said Tom Major, CFO of ClearPointe. “We no longer have to enter information into both systems which is a time saver for the company.”