Dean Dorton’s healthcare consulting team includes healthcare reimbursement and compliance service experts. Some of our reimbursement and compliance services include:

Medicare & Medicaid Cost Reporting Services
The healthcare team at Dean Dorton understands the importance of a timely and compliant cost report. Furthermore, our experienced team of reimbursement professionals can assist clients navigate potential reimbursement impacts due to the ever-changing requirements Our healthcare professionals have diligently prepared, filed, and reviewed cost reports for many years assisting numerous healthcare providers optimize and protect their reimbursements.

Medicare & Medicaid Special Programs Reimbursement

  • Electronic Health Records (E.H.R) Incentives
    Dean Dorton has helped qualifying healthcare providers to maximize their E.H.R. HITECH incentive reimbursements. The intricacies of the E.H.R. incentive programs can be tedious and lead to unrealized reimbursement. Our professionals have assisted providers register and participate in the programs, plan and modify previously submitted data, and file appeals to maximize incentive payment amounts. We think our clients say it best:

Dean Dorton provided us with intricate knowledge and timely personal service related to incentive programs optimization.  Dean Dorton’s service allowed us to qualify an additionally eligible practitioner, avoid penalties, accelerate and increase our cash, and left us with a framework to track participation going forward.” – Tish Clayborn, Clinic Administrator at Ertel Medicine & Pediatrics, PSC.

  • Medicaid – Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH)
    Annual Medicaid DSH filings in numerous states, including Kentucky, are critical to a provider’s bottom line. The filings continue to evolve as the healthcare reimbursement landscape changes. In an environment with health insurance expansion new types, forms and definitions of health insurance coverage, charity care, self-pay and cost allocation alike need careful examination. Whether it is a changing definition per CMS or a new regulation or strategy that may create more money for our clients, Dean Dorton has it covered.

Settlement Items, Appeals and Operational Improvement

  • Medicare – Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH)
    Medicare DSH is a critical reimbursement factor with changing regulations and varying impacts. The best strategic approaches to maximizing DSH reimbursement have changed with new and evolving issues to appeal. Dean Dorton has significant experience preparing, reviewing, auditing, and strategizing with providers addressing Medicare DSH.
  • Medicare Bad Debt
    Medicare has traditionally reimbursed hospitals a portion of uncollected co-insurance and deductible amounts for covered and eligible patient encounters. Dean Dorton can help analyze your historical data for missed reimbursement and evaluate your bad debt and charity policies for potential reimbursement opportunities.
  • Indirect and Graduate Medical Education (IME/GME)
    Indirect and Graduate Medical Education reimbursement can be significant. The numerous data points that determine the level of reimbursement create many opportunities for reimbursement to be lost if not critically managed. Dean Dorton professionals use industry leading techniques for optimizing IME/GME reimbursements.


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