Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Dean Dorton’s Bankruptcy and Insolvency Expertise

Dean Dorton’s law firm services team of accredited professionals know how to help you make the best of critical financial situations such as bankruptcy and insolvency. We have assisted debtors, creditors, lenders and shareholders with a variety of bankruptcy recovery services in order for them to achieve their objective and find adequate solutions.

The bankruptcy process requires specific accounting knowledge and familiarity with the legal process. We have experience with claims reconciliation and processing, insolvency analysis, preparation of Bankruptcy Court reports, and debtor liquidation. We have also performed forensic accounting on prepetition data.

Dean Dorton can provide the right solutions and expertise to assist with a variety of liquidation and recovery services, simple or complex:

  • Assessment of insolvency allegations
  • Analysis of cash flow projections, budget, and transactions
  • Business valuation
  • Corporate ethics monitor
  • Chapter 7 & Chapter 11 implementation and assistance
  • Due diligence procedures
  • Expert testimony and consulting including financial report preparation, analysis, and settlement/mediation services
  • Forecasting and strategic planning
  • Forensic accounting and fraud investigations
  • Liquidation analysis
  • Reorganization, development, and business plan feasibility (both in and outside of court proceedings)
  • Represent various stakeholders such as creditors’ committees, trustees, or banks

Why Choose Dean Dorton

  • Innovative business thinking with a fresh perspective
  • Attention to detail
  • Commitment to accurate, quality and timely services
  • Focused on helping each client succeed
  • Nationally recognized experts who work personally with each client