Estate, Gift, and Succession Planning

Dean Dorton’s Estate, Gift, and Succession Planning Expertise

Over the years we have engaged with many families in their focus on planning their estates and on succession planning in their businesses. At times, our most beneficial service to these families has been to encourage them to focus on these important matters. Most often, we are in a “trusted advisor” role with our clients and have good knowledge of their financial situations and aspirations, as well as of their family dynamics.

Succession and Exit Strategy Planning

It’s never too early to consider your future. When do you want to retire? Who will take over your company? What are your corporate goals and how do your future plans support them? We can help you think through these issues and create flexible plans to help smooth the transitions.

Estate and Gift Planning

Navigating federal estate and gift tax laws is a challenge. Our estate and gift tax experts are attuned to the nuances of these laws and have access to the latest opinions and rulings in this area. We work with you, your attorneys, and other financial advisors to tailor solutions to fit your specific needs. We can create estate and gift plans that transfer wealth at minimum tax cost. Dean Dorton estate and gift tax team members are dedicated to using the best estate and gift tax tools to protect your assets for future generations.

Buy-Sell Planning

Any business with multiple owners needs a buy-sell agreement to ensure the orderly transition of business interest upon retirement, death, or disability. Dean Dorton advisors work in partnership with you and fellow business owners to create buy-sell agreements that work for your particular situation.

Dean Dorton’s Estate, Gift, and Succession Planning Team

Over time, Dean Dorton has helped many clients through these processes and have gained a wealth of practical experience. We seek to add value beginning with the planning processes and working through the implementation and administration of the plans.

Some of the things we frequently help our clients with in the estate planning, gift planning, and succession and exit strategy planning and administration process are:

  • Assisting you in developing asset and liability information necessary to begin the estate planning process
  • Helping you think about who should play important roles, such as trustee and executor
  • Helping you understand different gift strategies – their tax savings, operations, complexity, and other elements
  • Helping you consider the appropriateness of different structures for you and your family – every family is different, has its own goals and values, and its own family dynamics
  • Helping you fit your charitable goals into your planning and maximizing the tax benefits of your charitable giving
  • Ensuring that your gifting plan will leave you sufficient liquid assets to maintain your desired lifestyle
  • If you own your own business, guiding you through the business succession process, which includes so many additional complexities – who will take over leadership and when, how the succession will be funded, and how to “equalize” inheritances when one or more children will be involved in the business and others will not
  • Determine liquidity needs to fund payment estate taxes
  • Preparing business valuations needed for your planning
  • Helping administer your gift and estate planning structure to ensure that it meets your goals
  • Helping your executor and family through the difficult time after your passing

Why Choose Dean Dorton

  • Innovative business thinking with a fresh perspective
  • Attention to detail
  • Commitment to accurate, quality and timely services
  • Focused on helping each client succeed
  • Nationally recognized experts who work personally with each client