We pride ourselves on doing a thorough valuation analysis and communicating our procedures and results in a well-written and comprehensive report. We make every effort to ensure that our clients have a thorough understanding of the valuation analysis and we work closely with them and their advisors to help them successfully address their valuation and strategic business needs. We also employ a team approach that capitalizes upon the strengths of each member in order to provide the best results for our clients and perform reasonableness tests and market-based “sanity-checks” to ensure that our conclusions of value are in fact, reasonable. As part of our quality professional services, our valuations are performed and our reports are prepared in accordance with the AICPA’s Statement on Standards for Valuation Services #1 (SSVS 1).

The breadth and depth of our business valuation team is one of the most unique in the region. Our valuation analysts regularly attend national valuation conferences and other continuing education courses in order to stay current with the latest developments in valuation and are able to draw upon the experience and expertise of our firm’s industry experts and consulting specialists. Through our membership in Financial Consulting Group (FCG), a nationwide association of valuation professionals, we have ready access to a vast array of talent, experience, and resources and we maintain an extensive library of business valuation resources.

Our range of business valuation services includes:

  • Valuation engagements – comprehensive business appraisals with opinions of value
  • Calculation engagements – limited valuation analyses with abbreviated reports
  • Valuation consulting, including how to maximize value
  • Evaluation and critique of other appraisers’ valuations