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Long term care finance executive, Kylie Waters joins Dean Dorton Healthcare

By: Dean Dorton | September 2, 2020

Long term care finance executive, Kylie Waters joins Accounting and Business Advisory services firm Dean Dorton as Associate Director of Healtcare Consulting Services.

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Kylie Waters headshot

Kylie Waters, CPA
Associate Director of Healthcare Consulting Services

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Kylie Waters, CPA, recently joined Dean Dorton as an Associate Director of Healthcare Consulting Services. Kylie bring nearly twenty years of healthcare finance experience and leadership. Throughout her career, Kylie has held key leadership roles including Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer. Kylie most recently served as Chief Financial Officer of Emerald Shelter Group, a multi-site post-acute health and housing organization with annual net revenues of $135 million.

We are incredibly excited to have Kylie on our team. Kylie brings expert level healthcare finance expertise, and has already had outstanding success in our industry. She is an asset to our team and an even better resource for our clients.

I’m thankful for this new opportunity, and look forward to working with Dean Dorton’s healthcare clients! My main goal is to build long lasting relationships with clients, while focusing on efficiency and strategy.

Kylie’s experience encompasses accomplishments ranging from strategic business planning to revenue cycle redesign and debt financing. Some of her accomplishments include:

  • Developing a long term care management start-up
  • Generating acute care revenue enhancement and cost reduction projects that achieved six million dollars in savings over a three year period
  • Redesigning a multi-state, multi facility revenue cycle to achieve sustained collection goals surpassing industry standards.

Kylie specializes in financial leadership with long term care organizations, but has also provided leadership for physician and acute care enterprises. Areas of focus include:

• Revenue Cycle Management and Redesign
• Financial and Strategic Planning
• Debt Financing Support & Due Diligence
• Crisis Management

• Workforce Development & Scheduling
• EMR Transition Execution
• Capital Planning & Management
• Cost Reduction & Revenue Enhancement

Kylie graduated summa cum laude from the University of Kentucky with a degree in Accounting and graduated from Morehead State University with her Masters of Business Administration.

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