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From Nexonia, April 11, 2017

Is your organization inundated with manual expense reports? Are T&E receipt folders overflowing?  Are you tired of running around the office reminding employees to submit their expense reports?  If tasks like these are costing you time and money, it’s worth taking a look at how manual processing might actually be holding your workforce back and how the alternative—a cloud-based automated system—can get your team gets back to doing what they need to do.

The Costs of Having a Manual Workflow

Traditional expense tracking systems rely on manual tasks that can frustrate and even overwhelm employees and administrators. These include “offline” tasks like searching through stacks of paper (including sticky notes and crumpled receipts) and physically routing documents through the approvals chain. In addition, “online” tasks include calculating overtime or foreign currency, sending follow-up e-mails, and cross-referencing/rekeying entries between different systems. It’s a time-consuming, not to mention error-prone, way to work:

  • Important paper documents can get lost;
  • Details related to hours worked and money spent can be easily missed (or forgotten);
  • It takes longer for employees to get paid or reimbursed;
  • Correcting mistakes requires extra time and money.

Cloud-Based Expense Software Delivers the Freedom of Automation

Your workforce can reclaim much of their time and energy by leveraging cloud-based expense reporting solutions. The web-hosted software enables users to access their productivity tools from any connected computer or device, around-the-clock. And they’re freed from the hassles of:

  • Chasing Paper – Thanks to the digitization of data, expense reports can be created, approved and processed through a web interface or mobile app. Workflow doesn’t have to stop on someone’s desk or in their wallet or file cabinet.
  • Maintaining Hardware or Software – SaaS vendors handle all of the technology-related details: the servers, databases, and upgrades as well as user training and support. The administration is easy—from implementation through daily processing.
  • Making (Lots of) Entries – Highly configurable cloud-based solutions integrate with most of your financial management and accounting applications including travel management and payroll systems, corporate credit card feeds and direct deposit systems. That means when administrators and employees enter data, it syncs across all systems.


Ready for the Future

Fortunately, there are solutions available to help companies streamline their processes and save costs.  Nexonia Expenses is an automated, cloud-based expense reporting solution that digitizes virtually every step of the process. It brings the business of expense management to the present. Through its user-friendly web interface or mobile app, employees can create, approve and process reports, and consider their outdated process a thing of the past.

Experience immediate benefits when choosing this expense report tool for your ERP:

  • Quick and easy implementation, with over 300 integration settings
  • Bi-directional sync against a number of dimensions, such as department, project, customers, vendors, and more
  • Download credit card transactions daily
  • Make business travel a breeze with mobile expense apps

Contact us to learn more about how Nexonia expenses can work for you and your team!