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Common Estate Planning Techniques

Two of the most common ways to remove assets from your taxable estate is to make outright gifts or make gifts in trust. An outright gift simply means giving assets directly to your children, grandchildren [...]

December 17th, 2015|Wealth & Estate|

Rising Healthcare Costs…What Can I Do?

Most companies want to provide their employees with the best medical benefit coverage; however, healthcare costs and the cost of medical insurance continue to increase. One way to help reduce your costs is a dependent [...]

Department of Labor Communication with Plan Administrators

In November, the Department of Labor (DOL) began sending emails to plan sponsors alerting them of the importance of obtaining a quality audit from a qualified and experienced CPA firm. The timing of the DOL [...]

Dean Dorton Merges with Barr Anderson & Roberts, PSC

Dean Dorton Allen Ford, PLLC (Dean Dorton) has expanded its presence in Kentucky by merging inĀ Barr Anderson & Roberts, PSC (BAR), a long-standing CPA and advisory firm located in Lexington, KY. The merger will be [...]