Picture what you will achieve at Dean Dorton – what do you want from your career?

As a recent or soon-to-be accounting graduate, you hold the keys to your own success. Whether you are entry-level or a seasoned professional, entering the accounting profession is an exciting experience and at Dean Dorton; we give you an opportunity to build your career, exactly how you picture it.

AICPA Article: Take the Practicum Plunge

You worked hard to get your degree and now it is time to build your career. Dean Dorton offers a completely customized program for you. Our Accounting and Business Compliance Services (ABS) program for all campus graduates is a unique opportunity for you to own your future. The ABS program was developed to ensure that you receive the absolute best hands-on training during your initial years with us. The program also allows for seamless integration into firm culture and choosing your career path. As a new team member you will immediately join the ABS program and be a part of the ABS team!

Your role on the ABS team will be working on both audit and tax engagements, gaining the experience to choose the right career path for you. This program also arms you with a broad perspective of the accounting profession that will have long-lasting benefits as you form relationships with clients who have an array of needs. As a member of the ABS team you will work side-by-side with some of the industry’s most accomplished professionals learning the tools of the trade, helping you achieve your potential both inside and outside the office. When the time comes, you will feel completely prepared to choose you career path of either audit or tax.

Dean Dorton recognizes that building your career requires continuous reinvestment in yourself and to so we provide the opportunity to further your professional and personal skills through Dean Dorton University (DDU). DDU provides team members accredited continuing professional education to enhance your interpersonal, technical, management, and leadership skills. These sessions include everything from business etiquette at a restaurant to tax implications that occur during a mergers and acquisitions, and everything in between. We also recognize the need for team members to attend training outside of the office in order to sharpen their skills and develop their potential. If we cannot provide the training through DDU, we will send you to the appropriate training which is often provided through our alliance partners. These trainings range from technical training to leadership training as well.

Right from the start you will partner with our Directors, be guided by mentors, and develop relationships to last a lifetime. Learn from the best to become the best at Dean Dorton.