Software Consulting

Dean Dorton Technology’s consultants have a unique background in both technology and business consulting. This helps us identify important business needs and link them with specific software functionality. We are able to talk “tech” and business at the same time. Our software consulting services range from off-the-shelf accounting software implementation and support to industry-specific software evaluation and project management. Our team is dedicated to helping you leverage your investments to maximize the benefits and gain efficiency.

Accounting Software

Our software consultants provide services in a variety of accounting software solutions. We realize that one size does not fit all when it comes accounting software. Our software consultants will help to evaluate the accounting software solutions that best fits your company’s business processes, work environment, and price level. No matter the accounting software solution that is selected, our team will spend the necessary time up front to help design the system in such a way to make sure that you are appropriately tracking your accounting activity. It is our belief that up-front design time will be well worth it when it comes time for data entry and reporting. Our consultants can provide design, implementation, training, and support for these accounting software solutions:

General Software Consulting Services

We find that many companies do not have the internal IT staff availability to facilitate a large software selection project. Many times, companies will enter into a software selection project without really knowing what it is that they are trying to accomplish with the desired software. They will then get distracted by bells and whistles during a demo and will end up with a software package that does not serve the purpose that it was intended. Our consultants have helped numerous businesses in a variety of industries select and implement software solutions. We can help with every stage of the selection and implementation:


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